Teaching yourself Telepathy

Call me crazy, call me a crack head. Just think about the possibility before you do though...

There is too much proof to simply 'write it off' as being impossible. I found a cool article while reading some blogs. I honestly don't know how I ended up here, but I'm glad I did. It shows that the human mind is so much more powerful than you or I can even imagine. It has been said that we only use ~10% of our brain. That means that there is 90% of our brain that we will never use before we die. That is hard to beleive isn't it?

The site actually had excercises (dumb, though cool) that could apparently “teach“ one to move objects mentally. I was intriuged by one excercises in general. This excercise involved me closing my eyes and simply visuallizing a bright (blinding) light behind my eyes. Once I saw this, I was to make the light expand to fill my head and eventually my whole body. The article reads:

 Did you 'see' in your imagination the light filling your entire body? If you did, you may notice that your head became a bit warmer from all this. Could it be that by creating a light with your imagination you were in fact creating an actual energy? One of the results of light is warmth, and the feeling of warmth should suggest to you that the light you created with your mind is very real. It should also be noted that really ANYTHING you create with your mind has a possibility to become real.

My head actually got warm. Maybe I was smoking crack, but it made me more intrigued. I must say that I know absolutely nothing about this stuff, but it amazes me. It really makes me think how much we are able to do simply by thinking about something and applying energy to it. I believe in energy orbs and telekenisis simply because there is too much proof that they exist. Just think, light is nothing more than energy... “Again, no I don't smoke crack.”

One day all this stuff will be figured out and I'll be some big fat orb floating around saying 'I told you so'. :)

Print | posted on Thursday, November 04, 2004 5:24 PM