GUI of the Future

Today's applications are very wimpy. I found out that our computer programs are simply nothing compared to what they could be. I was blogging along and catching up for the day, when I came across the ever famous Scobleizer blogs of the day. One imparticular blog caught my attention and I read it. After reading it, I decided to simply follow some of his (countless) links. I read a tech review about some new things they are doing with PALM and kept going further and further out into cyberspace. Bottom line, I found some pretty cool stuff just by clicking around. Ain't the web cool?

I came across an old school project that Robert J.K. Jacob did about models and abstractions for next-generation user interface software. I was simply blown away by some of the stuff people were doing even back in the early 80's with 3d modeling and eye-movement based interaction. Image what they are doing today that is not main-stream. This guy even speced out a computer language for non-WIMP based computer interaction. I must say it really opened my eyes as to how far behind we are in main-stream computing right now.

Print | posted on Friday, October 22, 2004 1:23 AM