AppDev Testimonial

Do Not get your training from AppDev!

If you are looking for technical training, go with Wintellect. AppDev people are rude, unprofessional, and aren't getting any publicity from me (except this blog). Let me first of all state that I met Ken Getz (AppDev employee) and was able to talk with him one on one. He was very nice, polite, and professional. This testimonial about AppDev should not reflect my feelings about Ken Getz in any way.

The rest of the AppDev crew pissed me off and I find them to be extremely full of themselves. APPDEV IS SIMPLY RUDE!!!  They need to find better representatives when they travel to these shows and I hope the crew I dealt with looses their jobs. We attended VSLive in Orlando this past week and I was polite and friendly the whole time. They, on the other hand, thought of themselves as being better than me and treated me like shit. One example of their rudeness toward me was when they were passing out t-shirts. The AppDev crew absolutely refused to give me one of their t-shirts in front of a lot of people for no reason at all. I accepted the fact that they were being rude, and continued to play their stupid game. I was friendly with them for the entire duration and thought little of the t-shirt situation, assuming they would come around and be polite. As the time grew closer to the end of the show, one of their representatives blatantly gave each of the guys from FarPoint (great crew) a shirt right in front of me so that I saw it; then he denied me a shirt again (in front of them)! Why?

I consider myself a passive person, however I almost started a fist-fight in public that day. Even the guys from FarPoint noticed what was going on. It is unfortunate that a few punk employees can have this much of an impact on a company's name, but... “c'est la vie” I guess.

Do Not get your training from AppDev!

Print | posted on Friday, September 17, 2004 12:12 AM