Picture Organizer 2

I think Google employees read my blogs; I wish anyway. :) I come up with the ideas around here, and they take my idea and do it themselves. They have a new application called 'Picasa' and it is an AWESOME application for organizing digital images. A couple of months ago I posted a blog on what the 'perfect picture organizer application' would contain and they put all of it in this application with a very easy-to-use GUI.

I can't be mad, for they have done a much better than I could have (so far). I still plan to finish my own picture organizing application however. I mean, as a programmer, I've had the idea for so long now that I need to get all the code in my head into a physical compiler. :) Ok, so I'm only 5% complete with the app, but hey... you gotta start somewhere I guess.

Print | posted on Monday, August 02, 2004 9:47 AM