3D Rending In Avalon

Yeah, Ok, I tried creating a 3D engine using VB6 and even tried doing it in C#. I got so far as defining the Vector class to do all the whacky math, then found that I had to create another 200 lines of code to render the Vector object on a surface. Basically, I did the cool x, y, z coordinate manipulation, but didn't go so far as to paint the dots. I just read a cool article describing how Avalon helps us to do this, we simply have to define the lighting and other various camera settings to have object display in a 3D world using XAML. I just find it fascinating how Longhorn along with Whidbey is trying to address all the woes that every developer struggles with (from data access developers to game developers). In my next life I want to be a game programmer. :)

Print | posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 1:05 PM