Quantum Computing

I am always fascinated by what I don't know. Maybe this is why everything is so cool to me. :) Anyway, I have been hearing about Quantum Computing for some time now, but I am suprised that it does not make as much noise as it should. Essentially the new processor is expected to be capable of conducting myriad computations simultaneously, unlike traditional electron-powered ones that must trudge through number-crunching tasks in sequence.

Of course we are quite a ways away from having a 'working' quantum computer, however researchers have created prototypes using light (rather than electons) and predict that Quantum Computing will make today's SuperComputers obselete. Think of it this way: A conventional computer is like a librarian searching for a book by inspecting the entire collection one volume at a time. A quantum computer, in effect, makes clones of the librarian and puts them all into the search at once.

Imagine: A classical computer is expected to take about 10 million billion billion years to factorize a 1,000 digit number. In comparison, a quantum-based computer would take around 20 minutes. (Ref: The Triangle) :|

For more information on quantum computing, you can always visit google. :)

Print | posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 1:48 PM