.NET Picture Organizer

For as long as I have had my digital camera, I have wanted to create an application that would query meta data of images to allow me to search and organize my (enourmous amount of) images. There are a couple of nice applications out there for a small price. However, due to the fact that I am a programmer and have this idea in my head, I thought that it would make perfect sense to create my own application to do this. Until now, I have found little documentation on how to read and modify the meta data that gets stored with my digital pictures.

I am a big fan of Steve McMahon, this guy is a true VBGURU by definition. He does everything that people says can't be done using Visual Basic. He posted some fancy c# classes and code that explain how to get at EXIF information to and from a JPEG. I plan to use Steve's information in my own application to allow me to organize my images however I see fit. My goal is to create an app that allows me to give an image a set of attributes to sort and move my images to where ever I see fit.

Example: I take a picture of my daughters while we are on vacation by the beach.

I want to be able to attach a set of string values to this JPEG that allow me to define that picture. Perhaps I could write “jazzlynn, elizabeth, beach, vacation, family, etc...”. This way I can perform a search for “jazzlynn” and this picture (along with many others) would be returned in my query. I could then drill down to all images taken in “December of 2003” or all images that are 'NOT' taken from my camera. The current file system that windows offers simply does not allow for this type of querying (with the exception of the date query). WinFS will solve my problem, however I'm not waiting that long to have a solution. My image gallery is into the 4 digits and quickly approaching 5 digits.

Print | posted on Friday, April 23, 2004 2:04 PM